WMG Boost
Warner Music Group ("WMG") is dedicated to accelerating the next wave of innovation in the music industry. Through WMG Boost, we invest in the companies, ideas, and entrepreneurs that will drive the evolution of our industry. Whether your concept enhances the way people enjoy or discover music and music experiences, helps us get closer to our consumers or is out to completely disrupt the way the industry works, we want to hear from you. We’re not your typical seed fund. By working with WMG Boost, you have access to not only Warner Music Group’s capital, but also to strategic advice and mentorship that no other investor can bring to the table: unmatched industry insight and access to one of the world’s most iconic music and publishing catalogs.
Investment Criteria
Size:Up to $1.0 million Stage:Pre-Revenue through Series A Focus:We are interested in a wide array of concepts across the spectrum of technology’s intersection with the music industry, from discovering new artists to creating music and promoting it. We regularly review and work with technology companies that leverage AI, blockchain, music creation, virtual and mixed reality, mobile gaming, voice, and more!
Interested in Learning More?
NOTE: Please make sure your submission is concise (max. 5 pages) and is in either a business plan or slide presentation. Additionally, please ensure your submission addresses how your company fits within our investment strategy and could benefit WMG broadly. We look forward to hearing from you.
Please note that WMG does not enter into any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) covering submissions and related information and materials, and assumes no obligations to protect or maintain as confidential the content of any submission or conversations with WMG. WMG or its affiliates may currently or in the future be developing products or services internally, or receiving information from other parties that may be similar to products and services covered in submissions. In making any submission, you acknowledge and agree that WMG may develop products or services, or have products or services developed for WMG (or our affiliates), that are similar to or compete with products or services described by you.